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Update to the Event Kiosk in process

There have been a couple known issues in the Kiosk for far too long. One of the main reasons for the delay is that all of the lower level interactions need to be rebuilt. Shortly after we released the first version of the Event Kiosk a major update to the software used to build the app (QT) came out. Since then another major release has been introduced (v5.7 in June 16, 2016).

The next release of the Event Kiosk App (tentatively called v2.1) will include a fixed label printing system, improvements to the fluidity of the interface, and a fix for some background images not displaying in the app. Beyond this we will be releasing this version through the Windows Store and Apple App Store. Doing our releases through these stores will make it easier for you to keep your software up to date, and give us some better usage data.

We’ll keep this thread up to date and answer any questions you might have about the progress.

So far we have already updated how the interface is generated and displayed, and are half way through updating the printing module.